Ventana is a glazing contractor with a unique model designed to bring optimum performance for glazing projects which includes, window walls, hybrid window walls, curtainwalls, structural glass facades and all types of specialty glass installs.  Traditionally, the façade is one of the major risk factors on any building, and the team at Ventana has a proven track record of taking the risk and delivering superior façade systems that guarantee long-term performance. 

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MU/DAI is a design firm that solves its clients’ toughest challenges and reveals their biggest opportunities through practical innovation. Their skilled teams make the human side of digital, leveraging diverse backgrounds, and bring a wide range of experience and skills to every challenge.

At our core, we transform complexity into clarity.

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UpLift data partners

UPLIFT DATA PARTNERS is a UAV service company built from Clayco’s internal research into drone technologies.

Uplift Data Partners is the industry's leading full scale service provider in drone technology. We fly, analyze and deliver custom drone data insights to enterprise partners. 

At Uplift Data Partners, our mission is to propel the world to fly drones safely to help humanity create a new body of knowledge with drone technology.

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